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InMegh being an educational institutions management software caters to an important need in today's society - providing a holistic and safe development for students, teachers, management and others connected to a school or college environment.  A powerfully designed solution for any school or pre University institution to handle the length and breadth of their administration, management and extra curricular coordination while operating all of the school’s teaching and academic resources using one single web portal. 



The College Management System is a variant of InMegh and smoothly incorporates an entire ERP application for a college campus along with academic planning, placement drives, hostel management and much more  which is meant to revolutionize  campus management for single and group institutions alike.

Our state of the art Android Mobile Application entirely developed in-house, which uses geo positioning technologies to help institutions track and manage all their transport whether on or off road with various integrated reports available via the standard interfaces of InMegh CMS.


A transport app which is used to track and provide end users the location of transport such as school buses etc. its admin panel features important updates required by administration of an institution to help maintain their assets.

business erp

We at Exalogic have built a fluid ERP system that can handle the basic functionalities required by any small and medium sized companies. The system includes features in HR, Administration and operations. Several features have been built in a plug and play model. 

academy management

For an esteemed client we custom built a system that handles academy management including live student-teacher interaction video modules, online tests and scores and online fee payment.